Convention Policies

Badge Only

Entry to our convention is badge only. By accepting the badge, the attendee agrees to abide by the rules set forth in the convention program and the guidance of UNCC staff, volunteers, and qualified representatives. Failure to do so may result in the immediate confiscation of this badge and the removal of the attendee from the convention area without refund.

This badge is necessary for entrance to all convention events/rooms and should be worn at all times within the convention area. UNCC is not responsible for lost or misplaced badges. Attendees may check the registration desk or the convention operations (Con-Ops) room for lost badges, however if not located, the cost of a replacement badge is the full price of the badge at the door. UNCC, its staff, volunteers, and qualified representatives cannot be held liable for any injuries to persons or damages to personal property resulting from convention attendance.

Presentation and Behavior

We are a family-friendly convention, so please limit costumes to nothing less than a modest bathing suit. We encourage cosplay, but being a college campus, please be mindful about what props you bring, and make sure it has no inherent danger to it (for example, a functioning nerf gun or a prop made of metal). Please also respect anyone in costume; we will remove any source of harassment with no refund.

Other generic campus rules are in effect as well, such as no alcohol on campus. All such rules can be found at

If you have any questions about policies not mentioned here, contact us and we should answer within two days.