FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Kira Kira is the Japanese onomatopoeia for sparkling/shining.
No. Although this event is hosted by UNCC's Anime club, it is very much so a public event and is completely open to the public. However, UNCC students can get $2 off a badge with a school ID.
KiraKiraCon is an event with something for all ages. No panel or event will have a rating higher than PG-13.
The full schedule for panels and tournaments should be available a month in advanced to the convention.


No. Parking is free on campus during the weekend.
Light food, sweets, and snacks are sold and served in the conventions Cosplay Cafe. There are also some restaurants in the Student Union's first floor, each with different hours of operation. There is also a multitude of restaurants in the area surrounding UNCCs campus, ranging from fast-food places to sit-down, full service restaurants. We will release a schedule of the food locations inside of the Union a few weeks before the convention when it becomes available.
Yes. There are many hotels less than 5 minutes from the conventions location.


Yes. We have our own security personnel, who will be identified by a special Security badge. If there is an issue, feel free to approach any of these staff members. UNC Charlotte also has its own security personnel as well as the Campus Police who will also be around over the weekend.

Rules & Policies

Because KiraKira Con is being held on UNCCs campus, con-goers must also abide by the policies, rules, and laws set in place by UNC Charlotte. Not abiding by these regulations and policies can result in the campus police getting involved. There is a list of these on our website and UNCC's website.
UNCC Rules | KiraKiraCon Rules
Yes. We coincide with UNC Charlottes policies regarding weapons. Please read the rules for the full information on the weapons policy.
Again, specific information about this is included in our rules and weapons policies.
Our dress code policies are not strict, as we encourage creativity and self-expression with costumes, cosplays, and clothing. However, because this is a public, all-age event, and because it is held on a college campus, we do have a few dress code regulations which we enforce, and clothing or signs that contain distasteful or offensive words or images or promote pedophilia are strictly prohibited. Proper footwear should be worn at all times. Short skirts and dresses should be accompanied by proper underwear. Inability to wear proper underwear beneath short skirts and dresses is constituted as indecent exposure, and offenders will be turned over to UNCC's security officers and campus police.
No. We comply with UNCCs policy stating that alcohol consumption is illegal on the schools campus.
Only those who are part of the Dealers Room and Artists Alley are allowed to sell at KiraKira Con. To register for Dealers Room/Artists Alley please see our Forms/Registration page.


No. Costumes and cosplay are completely optional and up to you. There are many people who attend conventions who do not wear costumes.
No. It does not matter whether you made your costume or purchased it. The only time when it matters is if you're planning on participating in the Cosplay Contest. For the contest, only hand-made/self-made costumes are allowed. For more information, please see the Cosplay Contest event information and rules.
By all means, cosplay fom whatever source you want. People cosplay from anime/manga, video games, movies, books, internet videos, memes, bands/celebrities, fashion trends, etc. We encourage our attendees to be creative with their costumes, but please, keep them appropriate as this is a family-friendly event held on a school campus.